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This group is for people who can't wait for fair election, and want to start living certain aspects of socialism now. We welcome people who wish to develop and plan the creation of revolutionary cooperatives, and the cooperative commonwealth.

We are launching a new Labor Union. We hope to take off where others have failed. 100+ years ago the Unions should have empowered the employees and and invested in competition with the �Bosses.� Union Organizing became dangerous, and Unions became plane managers acting as modern slavers and management.
The Federation of Co-operative Unions wishes to change the world.
As in Argentina, we would like to Invest in the people and have them run businesses as Co-operatives in a Workers Democracy. We wish to give the people something to grown on, Responsibility, Empowerment, Achievement, and Freedom.
Everyone thinks their jobs sucks and they are right. We wish to fulfill the workers democracy goal of giving labor what it needs. We hope to develop Self Help Credit Unions, Develop Co-operatives and Give the people employee owned businesses.

Development of a Worldwide Market" purposes to promote international cooperation without confinement to national or racial interests, so the all human beings are equally provided with affluent material conditions in clothing, food, and shelter for their physical needs. The Federation International Cooperative Unions" purposes to free the individual from slave labor and boundaries, and to fulfill the original mission of Work Place Democracy. In furtherance of the goal of cooperation, the FICU community proposes to establish an institutionalized organization, here in America and World Wide.

Cooperatives Are...
A cooperative is a business. Co-ops range in size from small store-fronts to large companies. In many ways, they're like any other business; but in several important ways they're unique and different.
Are owned and democratically controlled by their members-the people who use the co-op's services or buy its goods-not by outside investors; Co-op members elect their board of director from within the membership.
Return surplus revenues (income over expenses and investment) to members proportionate to their use of the cooperative, not proportionate to their "investment" or ownership share.
Are motivated not by profit, but by service-to meet their members' needs for affordable and high quality goods or services;
Exist solely to meet the serve their members. Pay taxes on income kept within the co-op for investment and reserves. Surplus revenues from the co-op are returned to individual members who pay taxes on that income.
Types of Cooperatives
Consumer Cooperatives�Consumer cooperatives are owned by the people who buy the goods or use the services of the cooperative. They sell consumer goods such as food and outdoors equipment. They provide housing, electricity and telecommunications. And they offer financial (credit unions), healthcare, childcare and funeral services. Almost any consumer needs can be met by a cooperative.
Producer Cooperatives�Producer cooperatives are owned by people who produce similar types of products-by farmers who grow crops, raise cattle, milk cows, or by craftsmen and artisans. By banding together, they leverage greater bargaining power with buyers. They also combine resources to more effectively market and brand their products, improving the incomes of their members.
Worker Cooperatives�Worker cooperatives are owned and governed by the employees of the business. They operate in all sectors of the economy and provide workers with both employment and ownership opportunities. Examples include employee-owned food stores, processing companies, restaurants, taxicab companies, sewing companies, timber processors and light and heavy industry.
Purchasing/Shared Services Cooperatives�Purchasing and shared services cooperatives are owned and governed by independent business owners, small municipalities and, in some cases, state goverments that band together to enhance their purchasing power, lowering their costs and improving their competitiveness and ability to provide quality services. They operate in all sectors of the economy. Cooperative Principles
Cooperatives follow seven internationally recognized principles:

Voluntary and Open Membership
Democratic Member Control
Member Economic Participation
Autonomy and Independence
Education, Training and Inf
ormation Cooperation Among Cooperatives
Concern for Community
Why Co-ops Form
Co-ops are formed by their members when the marketplace fails to provide needed goods or services at affordable prices and acceptable quality. Cooperatives empower people to improve their quality of life and enhance their economic opportunities through self-help. Throughout the world, cooperatives are providing co-op members with financial services, utilities, consumer goods, affordable housing, and other services that would otherwise not be available to them.
Serving Many Needs
Cooperatives may be organized to provide just about any good or service such as:
Business services, such as personnel and benefits management and group purchasing of goods and services Childcare Credit and personal financial services Employment Equipment, hardware and farm supplies Electricity, telephone, Internet and satellite and cable T.V. services Food and food services Funeral and memorial service planning Health care Health Insurance Housing Insurance Legal and professional services Marketing of agricultural and other products For Everyone... Over 120 million people-two of every five people-are members of 48,000 U.S. cooperatives. Worldwide, some 750,000 cooperatives serve 730 million members.

For the sake of Solidarity, and ensured freedom and change. We have no equal ballot access. People who wish to be part of a movement live in distress. Poverty, Crime, and Unemployment all have Social Roots. And we have corrupt governments and Unions. One of the few heroes is the IWW, Industrial Workers of the World.
Society needs a new goal and a Path that will take it there. We are under attack by Corporations that have no respect for people, the environment, or a Cultural and Quality way of life.
Obviously we are in a class war and we need to garner a new Revolution, not one on Bullets but by bucks.
Emancipation is frequently economic and it is rewarding, quality work that will lead us there.
We do not feel that the Unions should be Anarcho-Syndicalist. We believe that another road should be taken, though if you choose the aforementioned, that is OK with us.
Humanity has paid too high a price for Capitalsim. And it is destroying us. We need something that will put the culture of Socialism in everyone�s daily life so they can be familiar with a working model and see socialism works.
Fighting Capitalism with Capitalism is the only answer.
Contact:FICU Box543 Newfield NJ 08344

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